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New Wolf Rescue

This female wolf is heading for a brand new life! Bred and sold on the East coast, she landed at a facility in Southern California who contacted us to find her a more appropriate home. Predator Healing Project’s Veterans assisted the vet team to provide a full veterinary work up to give her an exam, vaccines and deworming, blood work, dental exam, and to check that she was spayed (she is!). Then we went to work to find the right home for this gorgeous animal who needs room to move and the attention she craves. We are so thankful to her owners for recognizing that she needed a new home and allowing us to help place her.

By incurring her veterinary costs and the transport costs, we were able to streamline her placement. The entire process of finding a home, making sure the animal is healthy, and getting it safely to its new home is expensive and often complicated. This stretches the resources of many excellent facilities. We are pleased to be able to fill this need for the animals.

Our team picked her up for transport to her new life in Colorado at Reborn Refuge where she will have a multiple acre enclosure and be hopefully used as an education animal due to her delightful temperament and willingness to voluntarily interact with humans. She is a perfect example of why these animals really do need room to move – she is active, lithe and highly energetic and really needs the space to stretch her legs.

We will send you updates on her acclimation into her new life.

Thank you for all your support! We couldn’t do this work without you and without the support of the sanctuary community in which we proudly work.


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