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The heart of our program is the pairing of an apex predator with a combat Veteran. Both the Veteran and the animal can heal from their trauma and find their way to respect and recovery by developing trust in one another.

Now more than ever, if we are to save this planet, we must do it one life and one predator at a time. A key way to combat climate change and balance our ecosystem is to support the apex predator whose innate role is to create such balance. Poaching and illegal trafficking of endangered and protected species has sadly skyrocketed in recent years, and now we are dangerously close to tipping the balance of the ecosystem that supports us. Our Predator Healing Project Veterans are ramping up to fight this battle on the ground and bring balance to nature one animal at a time.


Veteran Healing


Predator Healing Project serves Veterans recovering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, physical trauma such as Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and subsequent drug and alcohol dependency. Our program offers substance abuse diversion and rehabilitation, job skills training, unique animal handling qualifications, and job opportunities through partner sanctuaries across the county. Our Veterans serve with our rescue missions for many years, to continue giving back. We educate on climate change, animal adaptation and hybridization in the wild versus captive managed situations.

Our program is dedicated to the protection of and advocacy for all wildlife, apex predators in particular. Our missions focus on rescue, release, conservation and supported care for traumatized and abused predators. We work with law enforcement and partner sanctuaries to stage rescues and organize transport and placement at safe homes across the country. 

Veterinary Care

We bring advanced preventative care to sanctuaries around the country, assisting them in providing their rescues with the best possible health care and infectious disease control. Additionally, our veterinary team participates in rescues to insure that the animals are healthy and safe as they move to new homes. Our Veterans train in basic veterinary care assistance and learn invaluable job skills. Our vets partner with research organizations to facilitate conservation medicine science to help manage wild populations. 

The Apex Predator plays an integral role in the maintenance of healthy ecosystems.
Dominant predators affect the health not only of the other animals with whom they share their environments, but the birds and plants and even the geology as well. 

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