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Why Wolves Matter in the Wild

We want to share this amazing video from Protect Our Wildlife with you; it's been on our website but we think it bears another share! It shows how the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone totally changed the ecosystem there, from vegetation to bird and mammal population and even the path of the rivers! Please visit our blog (link in our bio) to find out how you can add your name to petitions to protect wolves in the American West and keep our wildlands wild!

We'd like to answer those of you who've asked about wolves killing livestock, the primary reason used to justify wolf hunts. There is very little evidence that wolves damage livestock in the US. In 2015 the USDA evaluated the cattle deaths in the US ranching industry and found that wolves accounted for 0.009% of all losses (predators overall - including dogs - accounted for a mere 0.3% of the loss). Additionally, there is evidence that indiscriminate hunting can actually lead to INCREASES in livestock loss.

We support working cooperatively and respectfully with hunters who are responsible and committed to protecting the environment and balancing the ecosystem. We do not support the indiscriminate and inhumane killing of essential members of our ecosystems under the banner of "protecting livestock."

Please check out the article in National Geographic for more details:

And for those of you who want the hard science, here is a link to the journal article:

Thanks again for the support for keeping our ecosystems balanced!


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