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Strider gets a new lease on Life

This juvenile wolf was facing immediate euthanasia in Texas. Purchased illegally, he was set to be destroyed by local animal control when PHP was contacted for help to save his life. Our Veterans drove through the night to get him to safety. Upon arrival, our veterinary team discovered that this three month old puppy had been hit so hard in the head that he had sustained a skull fracture and he had neurologic signs. We nursed him back to health and started the long, laborious process of teaching him that not all people are bad. He is healed now - you can see the lump on his noggin in the picture here. And we are happy to report that he has been placed with one of our partner rescue groups, Apex Protection Project. They have two other pups just about Strider's age, and the three boys are now fast friends. While he may have had a rough start in life, Strider is going to get loving care and companionship, both human and wolf, for the rest of his life. And without our devoted Veterans providing his daily care, he would have been left to die as a baby. Thanks to all of you who sent encouragement and support for him!


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