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Misha the Serval finds a new Home

Predator Healing Project is all about helping predators of all sizes, stripes, and spots find their way to sanctuary and safety. We would like to share with you two stories about two unique animals. Misha is a serval, an African wild cat. These amazing predators can grow to about 30-40lbs. They live solitary lives in the wild, hunting birds, small mammals, and other varied prey. They are often poached and their skins passed off as cheetah or leopard pelts. Servals are also trendy exotic pets, even though they are illegal in many states. More importantly, they make terrible pets! Though they can be affectionate, especially as babies, and comfortable with one or two people, as they grow, they can become aggressive and are excellent escape artists. A thriving trade in importing these animals from Russia to the West Coast of the US is fueled by the American desire for exotic pets.

However, these animals not only need special housing and behavioral enrichment to keep them healthy, they also require an appropriate diet. All too commonly, they are fed poor diets as babies and develop bone disease as they grow, resulting in broken bones and ruined joints before they are even a few years old.

Misha suffered breaks in his legs just this way. His owner soon realized, after spending thousands of dollars to have the fractures repaired, that the cat needed a different life and found an amazing home for him at WildCat Ridge Sanctuary. This excellent sanctuary is home to many such animals and has experience and expertise to handle servals with orthopedic disease. Predator Healing Project’s Veterans transported Misha to his new home and helped provide him with initial veterinary care.

He is thriving in his new environment and may be eventually paired with an appropriate companion. We will continue to keep you up to date on his progress.


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