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Please take a moment to review our work and see what impact your donation can make

Please consider a donation to help us with this work and grow our impact for the animals

PHP has worked hard to bring animals to new lives. Four new wolves have found their way to sanctuary. And we worked with our partner rescue groups to facilitate a rescue of 15 wolf puppies from an illegal situation, fostering the kiddos and getting them healthy and to new sanctuary homes. We have provided transport for animals on their way out of private ownership. And we have supported the veterinary care of several needy animals to improve their quality of life. 

We are ready to finalize the purchase of a new sanctuary and break ground on enclosures for these and more animals in need. Every project we undertake provides training and work for our Veteran men and woman, whose time with the animals helps both of them overcome the trauma they have survived. 

Mission to Eagle Tail Mountain Sanctuary

This spring, the PHP team traveled to Arizona to bring a veterinary care MASH unit ot the wolf dogs at this needy facility. In cooperation with Plan B for Wolves, 25 animals were spayed/neutered, vaccinated, received exams, dentistry, lab work, deworming, and treatment for underlying disease. Our team constructed three tents on-site, building a mobile hospital overnight. The animals were darted and brought in by the Veterans for assessment and triage. By performing this work on-site, we were able to treat a far greater number of animals over a shorter period of time than if each animal were to be individually captured and transported. More importantly, we avoided the stress and risk associated with transport, allowing them to recover quickly under observation and return to their packs. Missions like these are fundamental to lifetime care for the animals we help to rescue. Working cooperatively with other sanctuary and rescue groups allows us to expand our impact - and that of our donors - to help more animals and provide more opportunity for our Veteran teams.

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